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so ever since i got back to blogging, i’ve been enjoying myself and the fashion… but i’ve also really been missing some of my blogging friends from back when i was keeping the site up actively… as well as people i’ve worked with in the past. one of those people being the ever so talented mr. stokely mayfair himself. thus, we’ve decided to create a look together! a fellow blogger friend and my ex-le.look styling partner, it’s always interesting working with this dude right here (remember how laggy and miserable that day was at le.look? lol miss it a though!). here is a quick travel-esque look inspired by the very cool pants from fishy strawberry as part of the dressing room. i don’t know about you, but when i travel, i refuse to wear heels – no matter how glam that may seem. thus the adorable tram fur flats along with a sturdy tee*fy bag from a recent 50L friday. cozy myself up with a good shearling jacket, crystallized sweater, some funky shade thrones and a sharp/stylish friend to travel with – and you just can’t go wrong.


hair | wildcat in cream filling by fashionably dead (50L friday item)
skin | old bones E rosy skin by &bean
lipstick | wet lips orange by &bean
shades | the summer babe sunglasses by shade throne
jacket | flight jacket brook in beige by dela
sweater | fashion sweater crown puffer by nylon outfitters
necklace | imber necklace in gold/white by lagyo
belt | cinch belt in silver by
pants | via margutta pleated pants by fishy strawberry (tdr item – new)
bag | leather bag in brown by tee*fy (50L friday item)
shoes | fur flats in white by tram


hair | hibiki in chamois by uncleweb
skin | trevor in milky by muism
vest | drape vest in gray by kiitos
sweater | breathe sweater in scarlet by tiny bird (seasons hunt item)
jeans | nonwash denim by arai
boots | docs by gos
shades | the ipcress sunglasses by alphavillain (seasons hunt item)
gloves | gloves in beige by en svale
bag | slouchy pouchy in thoughtful nutmeg by royal blue

sound | billie holiday – miike snow


firstly, happy 2011 everyone! with a brand new year, there are a few things on my mind that i’d like to start anew and try to conquer and some things i want to continue doing. one thing i know that i’ll never let go of is my love for mixing prints in whatever look i do – sl or rl. there’s something about seeing a variety of different prints ultimately working together in a look that satisfies me so much. mixing a floral with a plaid or a leopard and a tartan – whatever the combination may be, it’s all very good to me.. and you should try it, it’s fun! some of you may know peqe, but for those that don’t, be sure to check the store by designer inex hax who’s an absolute sweetheart. there are some great dresses and leggings from there i haven’t seen elsewhere. the shoes are new from elikatira in which i instantly fell in love with them as soon as i layed eyes on them – especially in the white and dune colors. and lastly, i’m always a sucker for some bold framed glasses and these from wrigglesworths that were released with their holiday sweaters are greater than ever and a sculpted upgrade from their classic ray band specs.

hat | prickly hat by sugarcube
hair | diy haircut in butterfinger by !lamb
skin | prince charming by tres blah (stumblebum item)
glasses | poppy’s glasses by wrigglesworths (new)
dress | tartan highwaist sweater in yellow by peqe
jacket | spiky reception jacket in mute by royal blue
gloves | gloves studded in black by emery
bag | my navajo bag by milk motion (50L friday item)
leggings | leo-pard brown legging by tee*fy
shoes | secret boots in winter by elikatira (new)

sound | your song (blackmill dubstep remix) – ellie goulding