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hi loves! it’s cold out in the city and with some busy days lately, it’s been tough to post… but here i am! there are some awesome things out right now that i definitely wanted to feature. why don’t we start with what i titled this post for.. wolfe. it’s a spankin’ new brand up and coming with its first release being this super chic romper by designer alexander wolfe (<3!). fun to wear, fun to style with… it’s easy yet fabulous. it has a way of keeping you fully covered on top, yet still looking somewhat sexy. i paired the romper with a fur bolero in gold by none other than bliss, some geometrically (is that even a word?) bold jewelry by shade throne and my current favorite ankle boots by baiastice (ty sissy!). they come in a variety of rich tones in a texturally rich suede. absolutely adore the chunkiness of the shape. the skin is also new by the bodyco called ylang ylang and i can’t say how much i just freaking love it and how euni looks in it. finish off the look with a gold digital watch and a fat bun for hair and you are good to go.

hair | truth – new
skin | the bodyco – new
lipstick | pididdle
earrings | shade throne – group gift
necklace | shade throne
fur bolero | baiastice
romper | wolfe – new
watch | ddl
ring | ddl
tights | sheer
shoes | baiastice – new


so, i’m not quite sure if we’re going through an indian summer, but i’m starting to get a little irritated at how i’m still unable to wear some of my favorite fall pieces that i have been dying to wear lately. thankfully, in the pixel world, i can wear a fabulous colored fur stole that i’d possibly have to wait another 3 months to wear irl. colored fur is absolutely amazing and bloomingdales is standing all behind it – i adore it. i was ecstatic when i saw some at bliss couture in a variety of colored pairings… this navy and marigold color being one of my faves. i love mixing casual with fancy – a comfy tiger sweater from milk motion with the bottom lace portion of a mimikri dress with a luxe crocodile bag by ison topped off with transparent glasses and some rugged vooner boots. it’s all about the mixing and matching and coming up with combinations that pique the interest. oh, and i really love this anna wintour-esque hair by elikatira. i instantly grabbed it in the essentials pack because i tend to have a.d.d. with my haircolor and can’t stick to one particular family of shades. fall, will you stop slacking and come already?

hair | elikatira
skin | fashionably dead
lips | pididdle
glasses | alphavillain
sweater | milk motion
necklace | atelier am
tattoos | aitui
fur stole | bliss couture
shorts | mimikri (bottom portion of valeska dress)
bag | ison
tights | dare
boots | vooner

hi lovelies. it’s been a while! with real life taking over and a busy work schedule, i’ve hardly had the time to log into sl. i also needed a bit of time away which i was able to enjoy for a few months. i wanted to come back and see what was going on with fashion, right in time for modavia fashion week. i haven’t had a chance to sit in on a few shows yet, but i was able to hear that my dear friend gyo from lagyo had an absolutely wonderful show. after feeling pretty uninspired, i have to say, her new collection definately got my inspirational juices going again. after trying look after look from her showing of the new line at modavia, it started to tickle my styling fancy – and so i had the urge to create a look and post. while playing around with the pieces, i realized that this dress was one of my faves. the texture, the shape, everything about it… i wanted it for myself irl. i ended up creating a smart look with it… a funky, jazzed up office look if you will. the look called for an oversized collar which i manually modded to make larger from milk motion’s checkered shirt. i’m absolutely obsessed with epoque’s new pantone satchels both for the color variety it offers and the trendy oversized clutch shape. i’m a huge fan of brightly colored hairs and thus, this awesome hair by epoque as well in a gleaming strawberry hue. to top if off, a psychedelic lipstick shade from pididdle and sharp eyeliner by cheap makeup!

hair | epoque
skin | vive9
lipstick | pididdle
eyeliner | cheap makeup
shirt | milk motion
dress | lg femme – new (modavia fw item)
necklace | pididdle
clutch | epoque – new
shoes |  nardcotix

hiya! i was perusing the culture shock booths and came about this super femme and gorgeous skirt from g field and just had to use it. the skirt is light, peasant-like, and bohemian. it may be a bit on the warmer side for fur lately, but i haven’t worked with this coat in a while and felt the urge to toss it on. the bag is new and super adorable from the secret store – and completely customizable in terms of bow color and the shade of the sides of the bag. it’s quite the dainty little accessory. lastly, the glasses are a new fave pair of mine – a replacement to some of my previous nerdy glasses. they’re new from alphavillain. go grab yourself a pair! it’s a wardrobe must-have. oh, and almost forgot about the skin! i found the girly pink lips so cute on cara bella’s gemma skin in polvere. it’s fresh, perfect for spring and of porcelain complexion. the look came out a bit girlier than usual, but so appropriate for the upcoming season. ’till next time!

hair | yno421 hair in gold by boon
skin | gemma polvore in makeup 9 by cara bella
eyeliner | black matte liquid eyeliner by cheap makeup
glasses | samuel glasses in tortoise shell by alphavillain (new)
coat | avana fur coat in cream by dnr
necklace | chunky pearl necklace in gold by atelier am
top | going to georgia vest in smoke by pididdle
skirt | maxi skirt in baby blue flower by g field (new – culture shock item)
bag | girly briefcase in mint by the secret store (new)

i don’t know what it is about this necklace, but whenever i’m sifting through my accessories, i’m always drawn to this one. it never gets old because it’s magnifique! when i was putting the look together, i was getting a bit of a tribal feel but still kept it fancy and hopefully fierce with an extravagantly sleeved house of fox leather jacket and my favorite fur collar. the boots are new from kookie which i adore – love a great leather boot, and with socks! although i’ve been very blonde and bleached out lately with the hair, i’ve decided to go my natural dark again. short and sweet!

p.s. excited for nyc restaurant week! although unfortunately, more of the restaurants i’ve wanted to try are all booked… it still gives me a reason to go out and treat myself with some friends. hooray for that! :]

hair | sang in black by eha
skin | honeybunny by tres blah (stumblebum item – no longer available)
lips | lipcolor glossy lost my keys teeth by pididdle (kozmetika item – new)
necklace | treasures bib by paper couture
fur collar | fur tipet brown by tram
jacket | greyday jacket by house of fox
skirt | flower explode skirt beige flower by u.f.o.
leggings | crochet cadena tights by house of fox
shoes | gabilo grey sock by kookie (new)

sound | safari disco club – yelle

one of my favorite experiences in sl has always been finding hidden, gorgeous pieces in less than grandiose places. that’s definately the case for this great red rose dress from awram-viie, my go-to for quick, adorable pieces for a bargain. the stole is from &bean for the seasons hunt and really ups any outfit to a new level of fun. as for the awesome lipstick and teeth, it’s new from pididdle for kozmetica – pretty much a mecca for any makeup fiend… a one stop shop for makeup from a variety of stores. nothing too crazy or overkilled here. just a look with some solid basic colors yet, a fun take on textures!

hair | uma in white by maitreya
headband | classic hair accessory in yellow by tram
skin | jess-likit-violet lips by mons (tdr blue item – new)
lips | lipcolor matte lost my keys teeth by pididdle (kozmetika – new)
earrings | black lace earring by glow studio (tdr blue item – new)
stole | a big deal stole by &bean (seasons hunt item)
dress | dress circle red by awram-viie
top | top serie striped #01 by emery
skirt | feather-trimmed skirt by wasted youth (new)
leggings | doll house leggings by mv
shoes | vaudeville heels by lmk (designers united item – no longer available)

sound | diamonds are forever – shirley bassey