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two posts in one day? what is going on?! i actually just have a wee little case of insomnia… and so i decided to style another look. i don’t quite know how this look came about, but i sometimes feel that my creative juices flow better when i don’t try to make them flow…. like when it’s 2am and i feel like i’m aimlessly putting things together. i guess you can say milk motion’s new vintage heels inspired the outfit – ladylike and somewhat whimsical. i landed upon these fabulous high waisted flowey shorts from fashionably dead and just had to use them. i paired it with the top portion of an ison cutout dress where i thought the orange fit nicely with the shade of the shorts. as usual, some old favorites (like my coco floral cardigan and my doux petit dahl tights!) are mixed in with some new.. such as the milk motion shoes and lagyo bowler hat for four corners. ok, i’m finally off to bed. goodnight darlings!

skin | fashionably dead – no longer available
hat | lagyo – four corners item
hair | lamb
glasses | shade throne
brows | cheap makeup – vintage fair item
earrings | wrigglesworths
necklace | atelier am
top | top portion of ison dress
cardigan | coco
shorts | fashionably dead
bag | house of fox
tights | doux petit dahl
shoes | milk motion – new


hi loves. so i’ve been a little under the weather lately with a sickly throat and the sniffles, but certainly hanging in there! been busy at work and going off to vacation soon, so the days have been a blur. but anyway, back to some more sl styling. i’ve always loved me some harem pants – but the lovely sunami has just released these new ones from emery with great, fresh prints and color combinations that have made me just that much more in love with harems. she’s also out with a new blazer and short, so definately pay a visit to the store. i’m also super in love with anything bright, bold and versatile – so when valena of orta just sent over these new neon versions of the favorite stella clutches, i was ecstatic. i was so in love with the neon green version, but felt the pink worked better with the look. the necklace is new from house of fox and the hair – probably one of my all time faves from lamb but in the milk shade for 50L friday. happy saturday everyone!

hair | bang bang in milk by lamb (50L friday item – out now)
hat | le.look fur hat by lelutka
skin | arctic liner by tres blah (melt event item – no longer available)
collar | georgette collier by lagyo (new)
necklace | karija necklace style #2 by house of fox (new)
top | paito dress noir 3 top portion only by tee*fy (tdr blue item)
bag | stella clutch in neonpink by orta (new)
pants | harem trouser picnik 03 by emery (new)
shoes + legwarmers | fame pumps in mistyrose by lelutka

sound | your body is a machine – the good natured

i know that it’s still bitterly cold out and it has still been snowing recently, but i can’t help but think what spring will bring in terms of wardrobe. i’ve always been a huge fan of cute yet funky jumpsuits/jumpers and hope that it’ll continue to be a big thing in the upcoming season. in the spirit of thinking about what’s the to come, i thought i’d do a little post using an adorable jumpsuit from wasted youth. it’s fun how you can dress it down to be modest and casual, or sex it up with a great necklace and some heels. the puffed up lace sleeves are also from wasted youth, the new wang top. the boots have been a favorite of mine from theosophy – adore the shape to bits! as for the hair, you all know by now… the latest from lamb and probably my most adored recent release from lamb bellic!

hat | my straw hat from milk motion
hair | addict in powder by !lamb (new)
skin | light jejune in cherry dark thick brows by tres blah
shades | susie cateye shades in gold by elate
necklace | custom euni necklace
shirt | wang top beige by wasted youth (new)
jumpsuit | zebra jumpsuit by wasted youth
coat | nordic knit coat  br*bg sleeveless by tram (new)
ring | bird ring by paper couture
socks | leggings grayscale socks 3 by lelutka
shoes | lochdon boots in russett/tan by theosophy (new)

sound | monster hospital (mstrkrft remix) – metric

so i was styling away with this new solidea folies floral headpiece and my la malvada mujer makeup (since i’ve become re-obsessed lately) and realized that for some reason, my look started to remind me of the bossa nova period. thus the sergio and brasil 66 tribute sound. don’t ask me how i lead myself to such inspirations – my odd mind works in odd ways. as for the shirt, i am in love at how marc jacob-y this top seemed to me. while i initially wanted to create a vintagey look with it… this is what the end result turned out to be. the shoes are a new classic, yet solid pair of pumps from elikatira which i’m wearing in a subtle nude. and the skin! oh the skin… new from tuli and gorgeous, i’ve fallen in love with tuli again from their recent releases (ty, they’re absolutely lovely!). lastly, my touch of nostalgia for the outfit is the necklace from kookie – which was probably one of the first jewelry purchases i ever made in sl. brings back fond virtual memories!

hair | found in chewed bubble gum by !lamb
headpiece | roses headpiece in sky by solidea folies (new)
skin | clair in fair/light 06 oxygen by tuli (new)
makeup | i want to be beth ditto #3 by la malvada mujer
earrings | the simplest circles earrings in gold by lagyo
fur | vaudevillian fur by couverture (designers united item)
necklace | creme bird necklace by kookie
shirt | watercolor smock in cream by nylon outfitters
fanny pack | fanny pack extreeeme!!! in mysterious black by yummy
shorts | my leather shorts by milk motion (50L friday item)
tights | pattern tights in grey by so many styles
shoes | move pumps in nude by elikatira (new)

sound | mas que nada – sergio mendes + brasil 66

firstly, happy 2011 everyone! with a brand new year, there are a few things on my mind that i’d like to start anew and try to conquer and some things i want to continue doing. one thing i know that i’ll never let go of is my love for mixing prints in whatever look i do – sl or rl. there’s something about seeing a variety of different prints ultimately working together in a look that satisfies me so much. mixing a floral with a plaid or a leopard and a tartan – whatever the combination may be, it’s all very good to me.. and you should try it, it’s fun! some of you may know peqe, but for those that don’t, be sure to check the store by designer inex hax who’s an absolute sweetheart. there are some great dresses and leggings from there i haven’t seen elsewhere. the shoes are new from elikatira in which i instantly fell in love with them as soon as i layed eyes on them – especially in the white and dune colors. and lastly, i’m always a sucker for some bold framed glasses and these from wrigglesworths that were released with their holiday sweaters are greater than ever and a sculpted upgrade from their classic ray band specs.

hat | prickly hat by sugarcube
hair | diy haircut in butterfinger by !lamb
skin | prince charming by tres blah (stumblebum item)
glasses | poppy’s glasses by wrigglesworths (new)
dress | tartan highwaist sweater in yellow by peqe
jacket | spiky reception jacket in mute by royal blue
gloves | gloves studded in black by emery
bag | my navajo bag by milk motion (50L friday item)
leggings | leo-pard brown legging by tee*fy
shoes | secret boots in winter by elikatira (new)

sound | your song (blackmill dubstep remix) – ellie goulding

firstly, merry christmas and happy holidays! i’ve been a bit bogged down with holiday responsibilities lately and haven’t had a chance to blog since my first two posts. but it’s christmas day and i wanted to share a look with you. we’re all aware how phenomenal this lelutka jacket is already so there’s not much that needs to be said there. with the new release of maitreya’s shearling boots, the holiday doesn’t seem too shabby in sl. the skin is a whopping 1L and the hat, just 50. cheers!

hat | chapeau en hiver rose by nudolu
hair | bang bang bob in blood fruit by !lamb
skin | margaret by mother goose (1L)
necklace | the big cause necklace by shade throne
jacket | charlie jacket in green by lelutka (new)
dress | kate op by u.f.o.
belt | salento belt in bronze by lelutka
ring | vaynor ring by theosophy (new)
leggings | galaxy leggings 3 by mv
socks | laceup socks in light blue by noju
shoes | shearling boots by maitreya gold (new)

sound | tighten up – the black keys