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two posts in one day? what is going on?! i actually just have a wee little case of insomnia… and so i decided to style another look. i don’t quite know how this look came about, but i sometimes feel that my creative juices flow better when i don’t try to make them flow…. like when it’s 2am and i feel like i’m aimlessly putting things together. i guess you can say milk motion’s new vintage heels inspired the outfit – ladylike and somewhat whimsical. i landed upon these fabulous high waisted flowey shorts from fashionably dead and just had to use them. i paired it with the top portion of an ison cutout dress where i thought the orange fit nicely with the shade of the shorts. as usual, some old favorites (like my coco floral cardigan and my doux petit dahl tights!) are mixed in with some new.. such as the milk motion shoes and lagyo bowler hat for four corners. ok, i’m finally off to bed. goodnight darlings!

skin | fashionably dead – no longer available
hat | lagyo – four corners item
hair | lamb
glasses | shade throne
brows | cheap makeup – vintage fair item
earrings | wrigglesworths
necklace | atelier am
top | top portion of ison dress
cardigan | coco
shorts | fashionably dead
bag | house of fox
tights | doux petit dahl
shoes | milk motion – new


here are two looks i’ve been housing in my folder and haven’t had a chance to post since i’ve taken the pictures. for the first look, i needed to use house of fox’s dress at sea dress which i instantly fell in love with. i really loved the pattern on the puff skirt prim which i ended up pairing with some of glow’s latest and greatest jewelry including those lovely little petal eyelashes. sort of a casual spin on an otherwise non-casual skirt. as for the second outfit, again, totally adored glow studio’s necklace (i nearly own one just like it irl). the animal print dress as well as that great clutch is new from fleshtone, a brand new line. i used the top portion only of the dress and layered a peqe navaho print top underneath and coco’s adorable ruffle skirt which i’ve been housing in my sl closet, with tags still on. finished the look off with some bright pink buckle booties (one of my all time faves) to have an outfit end up looking a bit dolce & gabbana-ish. any classic animal print paired with bright colors makes my heart go a flutter!

[at one of my favorite cafes…]

what i’m wearing – look 1:

hair | ken in dirty blonde by kik
hat | beret hat by adjunct
skin | devonz black smoky by jmmai
lashes | petals eyelashes dream by glow studio (new)
earrings | gypsy turquoise earrings by glow studio (new)
necklace | i’am good necklace in green by glow studio (new)
jacket | denim jacket by en svale
dress | dressatsea dress by house of fox (new)
leggings | graffiti leggings in ivory by lg femme
shoes | platform wedge in camel by anexx (new)

[right after landing at dpyumyum to pick up some new items]

what i’m wearing – look 2:

hair | long summer chignon by bp
skin | jasmine tangerine by curio (new)
necklace | gypsy dove necklace by glow studio (new)
sleeved top | messy navaho by peqe
dress top | skintighthunterdress – top portion only by fleshtone (new)
skirt | ruffleskirt lace in black by coco
clutch | femme fatale gold chain bag in blanc by fleshtone (new)
shoes | suedebootie in pink by coco

sound | after the moment – craft spells

it’s been a few days since my last post and so i apologize for the lack of swiftness on the posting front – but life has been busy! but not to worry. i wasn’t going to neglect some great items that have been out recently – one of them being the new lagyo items. floral, feminine and spring focused, these items have been wonderful to style with. the brilliant minded gyorgyna (love you much! <3) is out with some incredible pieces once again that’s definately worth looking at. i instantly fell in love with this headpiece as well as the amazing deer ring. i created the rest of the look with milk motion’s latest 50L friday top as well as some older items i’ve been so quietly housing in my inventory. after buying this older coco puff down jacket, i don’t think i’ve ever had a chance to wear it, so i’m glad i’m finally putting it to good use. the look ended up being a bit boyish with a pretty, floral touch from the headpiece and a bit of cool from alphavillian’s season hunt shades and my oh so favorite oxfords. i’ll never get tired of them!

headpiece | birdie branch headpiece by lagyo (new)
hair | gdn005 in silver by saboteurs
skin | bian in L06 by myuglydorothy
shades | ripley sunglasses by alphavillain (seasons hunt item)
top | my vichy shirt by milk motion (50L friday item)
jacket | downjacket in black by coco
ring | king deer ring by lagyo (new)
pants | hakama pants in khaki by sugarcube
tights | woolen tights pink stripes by fishy strawberry
shoes | british loafers in brown by redgrave

sound | ample energy – nomak

before i even start writing for the post, i just want to say how much i love this song – thus the appropriately titled name of this entry. makes me want to go out and have a good ‘ol fashioned night out on the town. so anyway… i have to say, i’ve been really enjoying sifting through my sl wardrobe and remembering i had certain items and learning to love them again. while the new is always great and exciting, the old definately brings back styling memories. if you haven’t noticed, i’ve been having some fun with makeups lately, thus the amazing lagyo makeup here. the sweater from nylon outfitters is fairly new and just terrific – i love items meant for the opposite sex that i can incorporate into my own looks. i was in the mood for something bright, and so i had to wear a pair of emery jeans – speaking of which, some new emery goodness is out now and upcoming for my next post (sunami <3)!  as for the leopard kicks, they’re from aikane and deserved some attention.

hair | wish you were here (banged) in fawn by shag
antlers | sika antlers by illusions
headpiece | fairy dance head acc by un jour
skin | skin faith porcelain in smude redhot by atomic
makeup | maleficient makeup in orange by lagyo
glasses | faux wood aviators by wrigglesworths
sweater | math studies sweater in yellow & gray by nylon outfitters (new)
vest | military cardigan in black (spine attachment only) by coco
necklace | treasures bib by paper couture
belt | double hole belt in yellow by noar
clutch | my clutch bag by milk motion
pants | jean skinny passe in citrus by emery
shoes | leopard sneakers in brown by aikane

sound | cold dust girl – hey champ