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two posts in one day? what is going on?! i actually just have a wee little case of insomnia… and so i decided to style another look. i don’t quite know how this look came about, but i sometimes feel that my creative juices flow better when i don’t try to make them flow…. like when it’s 2am and i feel like i’m aimlessly putting things together. i guess you can say milk motion’s new vintage heels inspired the outfit – ladylike and somewhat whimsical. i landed upon these fabulous high waisted flowey shorts from fashionably dead and just had to use them. i paired it with the top portion of an ison cutout dress where i thought the orange fit nicely with the shade of the shorts. as usual, some old favorites (like my coco floral cardigan and my doux petit dahl tights!) are mixed in with some new.. such as the milk motion shoes and lagyo bowler hat for four corners. ok, i’m finally off to bed. goodnight darlings!

skin | fashionably dead – no longer available
hat | lagyo – four corners item
hair | lamb
glasses | shade throne
brows | cheap makeup – vintage fair item
earrings | wrigglesworths
necklace | atelier am
top | top portion of ison dress
cardigan | coco
shorts | fashionably dead
bag | house of fox
tights | doux petit dahl
shoes | milk motion – new


hi loves! it’s certainly been a while since i’ve last posted. you can thank sl for my long time away for giving me so much technical trouble… but i was finally able to sign back it and do a quick look. i logged in after a while spent away only to come back to some gorgeous new pieces by mon tissu. i was especially drawn to the sequin cardigans in the white color particularly. given it’s right around the holidays, i was just in the mood to wear some virtual sequins in a wintery white, seasonally appropriate shade. i paired it with some brightly colored celoe pants which i absolutely adore (been a little obsessed with hot pink lately, especially when i just recently got a pink blazer in real life that i can’t seem to get over). the hair is new from lelutka – i loved the messy bun on top… the fact that it wasn’t the typical high-on-top-of-your-head, tight bun we’re used to seeing lately. it’s loose, soft, with hairs cascading down from it oh so lightly. i couldn’t wait to log in and also carry lagyo’s bag.. and you know how i am with brightly colored accessories! overall, i wanted to create a look that was casual, street chic, yet read a little holiday with the sequin shine as we indulge in this time of year. missed you all and hope to be back soon again to style another look!

skin | tres blah – collabor88 item
hair | lelutka – new
brows | cheap makeup – vintage fair item
lips | cheap makeup – vintage fair item
glasses | alphavillain
scarf | armidi
jacket | emery
shirt | thimbles – no longer available
cardigan | mon tissu – new
pants | celoe – new
bag | lagyo – new
shoes | milk motion

it’s a crisp, fall day outside in nyc… kind of gorgeous actually and i should be playing outside, but i wanted to post a look for you all before i headed out! when i found out about ison, i knew it was going to be one of my faves. their trend right, yet simple styles definately attracted me – such as the cold shoulder sweater that i’m wearing in this great neutral shade as well as these classic white cigarette trousers. there’s nothing better than creating a look with some really slick looking white pant trousers. i’m a little obsessed with lagyo’s latest jewels and the pointed corner shades from the modavia show. as for the sweater, i instantly fell in love with fashionably dead’s open weave sweater in blood red (which i’m wearing just the top portion here) from the collabor88 event. makes for a great layering piece over my cold shoulder. lastly, the bag i’m carrying is the olsen bag from house of fox in a fun shade of blue. happy fall everyone – go out there and have fun with stocking your wardrobe up with fall gear!

hat | lelutka
hair | vive9
skin | vive9
eyeliner | cheap makeup
lipstick | pididdle
shades | lg femme – new (modavia fw item)
necklace | lagyo
top sweater | fashionably dead – new (collabor88 item)
under sweater | ison – group gift
bracelet | lagyo
pants | ison
bag | house of fox
socks | pig
shoes | j’s

hi lovelies. it’s been a while! with real life taking over and a busy work schedule, i’ve hardly had the time to log into sl. i also needed a bit of time away which i was able to enjoy for a few months. i wanted to come back and see what was going on with fashion, right in time for modavia fashion week. i haven’t had a chance to sit in on a few shows yet, but i was able to hear that my dear friend gyo from lagyo had an absolutely wonderful show. after feeling pretty uninspired, i have to say, her new collection definately got my inspirational juices going again. after trying look after look from her showing of the new line at modavia, it started to tickle my styling fancy – and so i had the urge to create a look and post. while playing around with the pieces, i realized that this dress was one of my faves. the texture, the shape, everything about it… i wanted it for myself irl. i ended up creating a smart look with it… a funky, jazzed up office look if you will. the look called for an oversized collar which i manually modded to make larger from milk motion’s checkered shirt. i’m absolutely obsessed with epoque’s new pantone satchels both for the color variety it offers and the trendy oversized clutch shape. i’m a huge fan of brightly colored hairs and thus, this awesome hair by epoque as well in a gleaming strawberry hue. to top if off, a psychedelic lipstick shade from pididdle and sharp eyeliner by cheap makeup!

hair | epoque
skin | vive9
lipstick | pididdle
eyeliner | cheap makeup
shirt | milk motion
dress | lg femme – new (modavia fw item)
necklace | pididdle
clutch | epoque – new
shoes |  nardcotix

i fell absolutely in love with milk motion’s latest and brightest blazer that was recently put out for 50L friday. i’m always a huge fan of mixing and matching different textures and colors.. especially bright, bold ones. so when i saw the blazer, i knew i had to do something with it. at first, i wasn’t sure what… but as i was browsing through my very cluttered and chaotic sl wardrobe, i decided wanted to pair the jacket with an animal skirt with some equally bright socks and shoes. i’m pretty obsessed with j’s platform pumps that come in a variety of colors and with each color, includes two options of having it with the strap or without. the platform is really nicely built and has become my new perfect go-to heel. i’m sure the necklace seems familiar as i’ve used it before. it’s one of my recent favorites from lagyo and decided that i just had to wear it again. the look is fairly simple – no endless layers (you can’t see it here, but i’m not wearing anything on my wrists or fingers which is rare!), no crazy jewelry, etc. just big, bold colors done in a crisp and (hopefully) cool way. oh! and i almost forgot to mention the new bodyco skin i’m wearing in fair that surprisingly seems to fit my shape pretty well – and i love it! but anyway, let the spring sun shine already and enough with the NYC rain!

hair | sam hair surreal by kletva (new – tdr blue item)
skin | lavendar 01 fair by the body co. (new)
makeup | glow for lavendar fair by the body co. (new)
eyeliner | black matte liquid eyeliner by cheap makeup
necklace | skin and stones butterfly collar two by lagyo (new)
top | i hate your negative shit tee by eha
jacket | my blazer yellow by milk motion (new – 50L friday item)
skirt | skirt highwaisted felini orange by emery (past tdr blue item)
socks | basic knit knee socks in teal by lmk
shoes | platform pumps in shockingpink by j’s (new)

hiya! i was perusing the culture shock booths and came about this super femme and gorgeous skirt from g field and just had to use it. the skirt is light, peasant-like, and bohemian. it may be a bit on the warmer side for fur lately, but i haven’t worked with this coat in a while and felt the urge to toss it on. the bag is new and super adorable from the secret store – and completely customizable in terms of bow color and the shade of the sides of the bag. it’s quite the dainty little accessory. lastly, the glasses are a new fave pair of mine – a replacement to some of my previous nerdy glasses. they’re new from alphavillain. go grab yourself a pair! it’s a wardrobe must-have. oh, and almost forgot about the skin! i found the girly pink lips so cute on cara bella’s gemma skin in polvere. it’s fresh, perfect for spring and of porcelain complexion. the look came out a bit girlier than usual, but so appropriate for the upcoming season. ’till next time!

hair | yno421 hair in gold by boon
skin | gemma polvore in makeup 9 by cara bella
eyeliner | black matte liquid eyeliner by cheap makeup
glasses | samuel glasses in tortoise shell by alphavillain (new)
coat | avana fur coat in cream by dnr
necklace | chunky pearl necklace in gold by atelier am
top | going to georgia vest in smoke by pididdle
skirt | maxi skirt in baby blue flower by g field (new – culture shock item)
bag | girly briefcase in mint by the secret store (new)

i’m finally back from my vday weekend vacay over in vegas (which was fabulous, ty!) and with a new post. i’m usually always dressed sort of funky and for some reason, i felt like pretty-ing myself up today, but still keeping a bit of a twist. i’ve always found lace such a gorgeous texture, so when i got sent these lace booties from le poppycock, i knew i wanted to pair them with my favorite lace stockings from dare. the dress is new from whippet&buck in which i modded the skirt prim a bit to make it more of a mini. as for the hair, new and so very feminine from maitreya… and the skin as well from the long anticipated and now open body co. there are a bunch of great makeups for the skin, but i actually really liked it just plain and bare – simple, clean with nothing but some crisp eyeliner. missed you guys while i was away!

hair | lotus in strawberry blond by maitreya (new)
headpiece | braids headpiece in white by lagyo
skin | sage t03 black brows by the body co. (new)
eyeliner | winehouse’d liner #1 by cheap makeup
shirt | lumberjack shirt by arai
tank | sequin tank dress top portion only by lmk
dress | lover frock thinking of you by whippet&buck (new)
bag | richie handbag in cherry boom boom by house of fox (coming soon)
stockings | lace stockings in minty by dare
shoes | lace booties in dressed ego by le poppycock (new)

sound | rad racer – work drugs