i’m a fashion blogger who had just returned to styling again in sl. after taking a long and necessary break from what seemed like a dream of an sl styling journey, i’m doing what i’ve always loved doing – which is observing and practicing fashion with my own spin. i appreciate a good laugh, sincere people, and a great one of a kind jacket that inspires me. i don’t blog for free items nor for bragging rights – i blog for me and have always been doing so.

i like to create looks somewhat inspired by real life fashion and trends – looks that turn out to be eclectic but to some degree, ready to wear. at least this is what i try to do, but with all the creativity out there – i wouldn’t be surprised in finding myself wearing something completely out of the blue and bizarre.

if you’d like to stay updated on my featured looks and new items, check back on the blog often (which is also syndicated on feeds such as sl.feeds and fashion feed of sl among others) which you can subscribe to… visit my flickr… or join my group inworld “euni’s stylebook.” i love chatting with and getting to know people, so don’t be shy in leaving a comment or reaching out to me inworld!

love always,