before i even start writing for the post, i just want to say how much i love this song – thus the appropriately titled name of this entry. makes me want to go out and have a good ‘ol fashioned night out on the town. so anyway… i have to say, i’ve been really enjoying sifting through my sl wardrobe and remembering i had certain items and learning to love them again. while the new is always great and exciting, the old definately brings back styling memories. if you haven’t noticed, i’ve been having some fun with makeups lately, thus the amazing lagyo makeup here. the sweater from nylon outfitters is fairly new and just terrific – i love items meant for the opposite sex that i can incorporate into my own looks. i was in the mood for something bright, and so i had to wear a pair of emery jeans – speaking of which, some new emery goodness is out now and upcoming for my next post (sunami <3)!  as for the leopard kicks, they’re from aikane and deserved some attention.

hair | wish you were here (banged) in fawn by shag
antlers | sika antlers by illusions
headpiece | fairy dance head acc by un jour
skin | skin faith porcelain in smude redhot by atomic
makeup | maleficient makeup in orange by lagyo
glasses | faux wood aviators by wrigglesworths
sweater | math studies sweater in yellow & gray by nylon outfitters (new)
vest | military cardigan in black (spine attachment only) by coco
necklace | treasures bib by paper couture
belt | double hole belt in yellow by noar
clutch | my clutch bag by milk motion
pants | jean skinny passe in citrus by emery
shoes | leopard sneakers in brown by aikane

sound | cold dust girl – hey champ