so i was styling away with this new solidea folies floral headpiece and my la malvada mujer makeup (since i’ve become re-obsessed lately) and realized that for some reason, my look started to remind me of the bossa nova period. thus the sergio and brasil 66 tribute sound. don’t ask me how i lead myself to such inspirations – my odd mind works in odd ways. as for the shirt, i am in love at how marc jacob-y this top seemed to me. while i initially wanted to create a vintagey look with it… this is what the end result turned out to be. the shoes are a new classic, yet solid pair of pumps from elikatira which i’m wearing in a subtle nude. and the skin! oh the skin… new from tuli and gorgeous, i’ve fallen in love with tuli again from their recent releases (ty, they’re absolutely lovely!). lastly, my touch of nostalgia for the outfit is the necklace from kookie – which was probably one of the first jewelry purchases i ever made in sl. brings back fond virtual memories!

hair | found in chewed bubble gum by !lamb
headpiece | roses headpiece in sky by solidea folies (new)
skin | clair in fair/light 06 oxygen by tuli (new)
makeup | i want to be beth ditto #3 by la malvada mujer
earrings | the simplest circles earrings in gold by lagyo
fur | vaudevillian fur by couverture (designers united item)
necklace | creme bird necklace by kookie
shirt | watercolor smock in cream by nylon outfitters
fanny pack | fanny pack extreeeme!!! in mysterious black by yummy
shorts | my leather shorts by milk motion (50L friday item)
tights | pattern tights in grey by so many styles
shoes | move pumps in nude by elikatira (new)

sound | mas que nada – sergio mendes + brasil 66